Every year weather forecasters take a guess at how much total snowfall we will have over the winter...with varying amounts of success.

Maybe we can do this just as well.

What's YOUR total snowfall prediction for this winter?

Let's get a little background before making our prediction.

The average snowfall in Grand Rapids is about 75 inches.

Mlive.com has predictions from the winter of 2011-12:

WOODTV Chief Meteorologist Bill Steffen: 89 inches

WZZM Chief Meteorologist Goerge Lessens: 80 inches

WXMI Chief Meteorologist Peter Chan: 85 inches

National Weather Service Meteorologist Bill Marino: 85 inches

AccuWeather Meteorologist Carl Erickson: 84-89 inches

Total snowfall in Grand Rapids for winter 2011-2012 was only 51 inches.

Maybe this year will be easier to predict.

This year's predictions for Grand Rapids total snowfall for winter 2012-13 include:

Do you think we be shoveling more or less than usual?

Poll will close at the end of the year.  We'll check the results in spring.


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