Christmas trees can float!!!


Well, actually they cannot.

But this family in northern Michigan has a family tradition that will shock the masses and bring some holiday cheer to your hearts.

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In all of my years of living, I would have never thought I would feast my eyes on a floating Christmas tree.

You read that right!

christmas tree
Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

A floating Christmas tree!

This is an annual holiday tradition by Frank and Tracy Siepker in order to kick off the holiday season right.

Every year, the couple and their children put their Christmas tree into a boat on Big Glen Lake.

The Siepkers told MLive that,

"It's something locals look forward to each year to kick off the holiday season - and it's a reason some visitors drive a little bit out of their way, just for a glimpse of those pretty lights bobbing on the water."

If you are on M-22, you may have seen the little Christmas tree floating on the lake.

The real tree is always fitted for a custom subframe that will be assembled for their 14-foot boat that Frank has had since he was a little boy.

Christmas tree glowing outdoors in the forest
Carson Ganci

This year, the Siepker family is upping the ante by adding 2,000 LED lights to the floating Christmas tree.

The family told MLive that,

"their children, Ashley, 10, and Frank, 8, are old enough to offer a lot of help on what's become an annual post-Thanksgiving launch window."

We love a good and wholesome family tradition, especially when the public can enjoy the festivities as well.

If you are in the mood for a Christmas delight and feel like taking a drive to Big Glen Lake, I would definitely recommend it so you can feast your eyes on this floating Christmas tree.

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