We're blessed with a wealth of fine restaurants in Grand Rapids, and it's always difficult to choose between them all. That is, unless you want some sure-fire fun with your meal, like an accordion.

Kathy and I took our daughter Alissa to dinner last Thursday night, and chose the Old Goat on Eastern, S.E., in Alger Heights. It's a wonderful place, great atmosphere, and more importantly, great food. My compliments to the chef.

Well, it turns out, Thursday night is German night. Who knew? And, as we were seated sipping on our drinks, who should walk buy and play, but an Accordion player.

Andy Rent
Andy Rent

His name is Dave, and he's there every Thursday night. He's great. He played all requests and even made up songs.

How much fun is that? Free entertainment with your meal. Thanks Dave!

Now I'm on a quest to find other fun, delicious and entertaining restaurants in GR. Feel free to pass along some suggestions.

Next time, maybe some Bagpipes? Okay, maybe not.



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