Appearing on a recent talk show, a Michigan-born celebrity says he is always mistaken for another Michigan-born celebrity, but he's cool with it, because they're friends.

Dave Coulier Was Promoting His New Series 'Live+Local'

Appearing on the July 19 edition of the 'Access Daily' show with Bell Bellamy and Kit Hoover, Dave Coulier, who grew up in the Detroit metro, admitted he often gets mistaken around our state for another well known Michigander, Chelsea's own Jeff Daniels.

Dave, best known as Joey Gladstone from 'Full House', talks about the mistaken Michigander identity in the clip below.

The Coulier/Daniels similarities are nothing new to either of them. In fact if you search both of their names together on Google, pages upon pages of photos and discussions come up referencing their similarities.

Dave even corrected one fan on Twitter, who thought he looked more like Rob Dyrdek.

They look so much alike that they came in at number 16 on IMDB's list a lookalikes back in 2016. And a Reddit r/totallylookslike thread made the same comparison just last year. It was the fifth time the similarity came up on the site.

In fact, this one poor soul thought they were the same person for years.

They're whole separate people, apparently. And I was a '90s kid. I was raised in a house with the TV on more than half the time. We watched Full House. I'm into pop culture. I should have known this. Here I was thinking for all these years how nice it was that he'd gotten hired in straight dramatic roles. Especially after having played a character who had an entire episode subplot that revolved around his insistence that a potato looked like Joe Pesci. Nope...sorry, Uncle Joey. I thought that guy was Jeff Daniels. Also: shared this with my mom (who was today years old when she learned the expression "today years old", which I used to explain this discovery), and her reaction was about the same: "That's a different guy?!?" She's 72.

Jeff and Dave are not only close friends, but both are huge supporters of Detroit sports teams, and on one occasion, the pair was given the opportunity to go into the Red Wings locker room to announce that night's starting lineups.

Dave's new show, 'Live+Local' is streaming now on the Pure Flix Network. It's about an old, washed up disc jockey on a morning radio show, trying hard to hang on to his job.

Wow. That hits a little too close to home! ;-) -- Jojo

While I freely admit that Jeff and Dave did, for a time, look a lot alike, the most recent photos of them show they are moving in different directions.

You be the judge.

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

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