Last week it was announced that a Major League Soccer team could be coming to Detroit.  If and when a team finally comes to Detroit, what would be a good name for that team?

Could they recycle a team name of the past or would it be a new name that fits the Motor City?

Here are five suggestions for possible names for the new team.

  • Detroit Rockers-  They were an indoor team that was apart of the now defunct National Professional Soccer League.
  • Detroit Neon-  Another indoor team that was part of the other defunct indoor league called the Continental Indoor Soccer League. The name came from the old Dodge Neon.
  • FC Motown-  Many teams in Major League Soccer and Soccer in general use FC which stands for, "football club".  Combine that with one of Detroit's most famous nicknames.
  • Real Detroit- Similar to FC, it is used in many soccer team names.
  • Detroit Wheels- This was a name for a football team that was a part of the old World Football League, which was around in the early 1970's.  It was also Mitch Ryder's backing band.

What do you think the new franchise in Detroit should be called?

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