Everyone loves a good concert.  Getting out to see a band or musician is a great way to spend any night.  We are lucky in Grand Rapids to have so many great concert venues.

What is your favorite place to go to see a concert in Grand Rapids?

Picking a favorite is difficult.  Certain artists or bands might sound or fit better at different venues.  A huge rock band might be preferred at Van Andel Arena, while a soloist may be better enjoyed at a smaller venue.

I saw Brandi Carlile at Frederik Meijer Gardens this past Sunday night.  Frederik Meijer Gardens has an advantage this time of the year that many of the other venues in town don't have...it's outside.  Of course, that advantage can quickly turn into a disadvantage, but that was not the case Sunday night.

Frederik Meijer Gardens' stage sits among trees and flowers and sculptures, making it hard for other venues to compete on looks alone.  Add this to its nice size, at a capacity of 1,900, and you've got a winning combination.

The smaller capacity allows artists and fans to connect more easily.  This was apparent at the Brandi Carlile show Sunday night.  Brandi Carlile and her fans were able to feed off of each other and do it in a perfect setting on a perfect night.

The venue itself made Sunday night's concert better, as Frederik Meijer Gardens so often does.  All of these factors help to make Frederik Meijer Gardens my favorite Grand Rapids concert venue.

Grand Rapids has so many great places to see a show.  It makes picking a favorite difficult, but the discussion it starts is a lot of fun.

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