I have received hundreds of golf tips over the years.  I am sure you have too.  Do this, don't do that.... there is no end to it.   What works today doesn't work tomorrow.

What is the best golf tip you've ever received.

Golf legend Jim Flick once told me to swing flat-foot for a year.  Well, it helped.  Right heel on the ground longer keeps me in better rhythm.  Derek Radley at Kendall Academy at GVSU showed my how to keep the club head from getting stuck behind me. That helped BIG.  The guys at Boyne Golf Academy helped, too.   Not to mention dozens of magazines, video tapes and YouTube.

I ran across this article and found it interesting since little of it involves swing path, etc.

1) Get properly fitted for golf clubs!
Don't worry too much about getting an identical set that the winner of the last tour event used.. the important part here is that you do get properly fitted for your clubs like that last tour winner did.

2) Get properly fitted for golf balls!
Yep, I said golf balls... there are thousands of different golf balls on the market... the ball you use needs to be the proper one for your game - just like your clubs!

3) Use a good golf tee!
Yep, the technology advancements of golf tees have been tremendous! If you are using a standard wooden golf tee - the kind you can buy 1,000 for $10 at those large chain stores.. then you are hurting your game!

4) You must be comfortable!
Spend some extra money on your shoes and socks! Make sure they fit your foot properly as well! If your feet are not comfortable then you won't be either!

5) Practice / Play at Home!
Advancements and lower prices in golf simulator and analysis software means that you don't have any more excuses not to be able to hit some at home.. whether its in your living room, your garage, or outside on your patio.

6) Practice on the range properly!
Leave hitting 100's of balls a day to the guys and gals on TV... Don't buy the extra large bucket and hit for 2 hours! All you are doing if hitting more bad shots! The more you hit the worse your shots are probably going to get! Get the medium size bucket... warm up for about 5-10 minutes.. then, go through your normal routine and try to hit 6 good balls in a row.. don't worry about how far they are going, remember you are hitting range balls.... worry about how straight they are going! Or how well you are swinging and hitting your target! If you hit your 5th great shot in a row... STOP!!!! and leave!! Yes even leaving the remaining balls in the bucket. You want your brain to leave with that great feeling of those great shots! Go back in a few days and do the same thing but mix it up some... work on your driving one day, chip shots the next, 5 irons, 9 irons, etc. If you have a bad day at the range don't worry! Don't go and buy more balls.. just leave and go back another day and start all over.

7) Play with golfers that are better than you!
I know you like your regular foursome every Sunday morning, but with those guys and gals shooting 106, its not helping you one bit! Play with those that shoot 75 and you shoot your typical 95 and make a fool out of yourself.. you will want to get better after that!

8) Take at least 4 golf lessons a year!
That's only 1 lesson every 3 months! And I don't mean from your neighbor that shoots 94... I mean from a qualified teacher... do not get help from ANY of your friends or playing partners!

9) Hit 1 extra club when you are on the course!
First off, take a second and think about where your bad approach shots to the green end up... short? maybe a little short and right? Yep! And most golf course designers understand this! Secondly, take a good look around each green and see where all the sand bunkers or grass bunkers are.. yep, most are short... look over the green... any trouble back there? Rarely!! Soooo, hitting 1 extra club means that if you hit it bad you might still get it on the green! If you end up hitting the best shot ever, you might hit it a little long on the back of the green or even off the green in the back.. but guess what, 9x out of 10 you will have an easier chip shot out of the short grass behind the green and not out of a bunker.

10) Don't always play for the pin!
I know we are trying to get the ball in the hole, but let's face it, not many of us keep flying the ball directly in the hole from 160 yards out, and not many of us chip 'em in either.. so, look away from the pin for slopes or mounds and try to find a safe spot to hit your iron shot in to or chip over to... and this may mean on occasion not even hitting the green on your approach shot! 1 extra chip is better than 3 putting! And as a bonus tip, try and have all of your putts uphill!

About Joey O'Connor
Joey O'Connor has been playing golf since 1973 and has been a professional golfer now going on 20+ years. He is an instructor, a club builder, a writer, and is the current editor of Golf Club Business (http://www.GolfClubBusiness.com) He has been a technical representative for various golf manufacturers and organizations including, Goldwin Golf and Golf Digest Sports Marketing handling demo days for Titliest, Mizuno, and Ram Golf and he has also been the Head Golf Professional of Custom Club Golf based out of Lexington, North Carolina and then he was the owner of their Winston-Salem, North Carolina location. Joey still resides in Greensboro, North Carolina where he was born and raised. He can be reached by email at Joey@OConnorGolfCompany.com