Dearborn native Dan Gheesling is currently competing on CBS's Big Brother 14.

Gheesling won $500,000 when he won Big Brother 10 in 2008.  After winning the money, Dan kept his day job at Orchard Lake St. Mary's where he is both a teacher and football coach.

Dan was invited back to Big Brother this season as a coach, but was unexpectedly given the opportunity to enter the game as a player.

Dan has many ties to Michigan and proudly displays those ties on Big Brother through his t-shirts.  His red shirt is just one of a handful of Michigan-based shirts.

But what does it mean?

The front of the shirt says "The U" with a big blob in the middle.  The blob is the outline of a lake in Michigan, Union Lake, in Oakland County.  The back shows where to find Union Lake on a map of Michigan.

Dan's wife Chelsea tweeted:

Lots of questions about Dan's red shirt.  The U is a lake we live near.  The white "blob" is the outline of the lake. :)

Dan's red shirt even has its own Twitter account.

Why is it red?  Dan has called red his "favorite color".  It's color of Orchard Lake St. Mary Football and the team is very proud of their red.  Orchard Lake St. Mary just finished a $500,000 renovation to their entire football field.  The turf is red.  Yes, red.  It's one of only three red football fields in the entire country.

West Michigan high school football fans should be very familiar with Dan's football team at Orchard Lake St. Mary's.  Orchard Lake St. Mary's Football is the reigning Division 3 State Champion, but in 2007, 2009, and 2010, East Grand Rapids beat Orchard Lake St. Mary's in the state finals.  2007 was an epic battle lasting 5 OTs.

Dan has other Michigan-based shirts too.  You'll find Dan wearing a Michigan State University t-shirt (he went to school there) and a "Dearborn's Finest" shirt, which references the Dearborn Police Department on the back.

Dan created both the Union Lake and the "Dearborn's Finest" shirts.  You can buy one if you like.

And for the real die-hard Big Brother fans, like myself, check out the video below to hear Dan talk about all the shirts he brought into the Big Brother house.

Go Quack Pack!