What’s your guess as to which food Michigan is known for?  Ours is kind of a no-brainer, but we'll get to that in a minute.

The website SpoonUniversity.com decided to play into the age-old "state pride" of which food is each state's pride and joy.  Some states are pretty specific, some are boring, some are unique, and some are well… thank God we don’t live in that state because that’s embarrassing.

Let’s start with the “well of course” states:


Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Potatoes… of course.



Cheese grits.. not surprised, it’s Alabama and the south loves their grits and cheese would make it a lot better to have to eat.



Known for its insane amounts of corn fields, so of course, they’re known for corn on the cob.



Fried chicken… duh. (Colonel Sanders)

Then, of course, the New England states have their crab, lobster, and clam chowder as you’d expect.


How about the “well that's embarrassing” states:


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Known for Spam… one of the most beautiful places in the US and they are known for Spam.


Ryan McVay

Meats.  Not even a certain kind of meat, just meats.  (technically this is prob because of the Union Stock Yards in Chicago – at one time Chicago was known as “hog butcher of the world” so there you go)



Buffets - That’s NOT even a food; it’s how you gets the foods.  (basically, Nevada is known for making you fat.)


The “hmm, interesting” or unique states are:



Known for tater tots, have no idea why they excel at tater tots, but I love tots, so I’m good with this.  Summer road trip to Minneapolis anyone?


Credit: Thinkstock

Jello. Seriously, Jello.  That’s why they land in the “hmm, interesting” category.  Although I am a fan of Jello shots, and if I lived in Utah I’d probably want those a lot.


Pho… it’s a Vietnamese noodle soup.  I’m a bit surprised that THIS is what they’re known for, I guess I figured something seafood-ish.

So what’s Michigan known for?

We have one of the biggest festivals each year for it in Traverse City.  Did you guess Cherries?  Yeah, that’s it; according to SpoonUniversity.com, we’re known for our cherries.



Wanna see the full list, it's HERE