An event producer is looking into the idea of a Grand Prix along the Michigan Lakeshore. I think that just might work!  Detroit did the Grand Prix for a while on Belle Isle, remember?

I remember, because it was kicked off with a Celebrity Grand Prix. I was working in Detroit at WDRQ or Z95.5 at the time.  All the celebrities from the television stations and radio stations were invited to participate in this Celebrity Grand Prix. It must have been sponsored by Mustang because I remember that was the car I drove.

Bob Bondurant, emceed the event.  If you're not a race fan, he is the guy who trained Steve McQueen and Tom Cruise on how to race, and he has a school in California.

We all showed up and yes it was a race but it was also an obstacle course.  The light turned green, the flag went down and I was off.  I won the race!!!  I still have the trophy proudly displayed in my home.  It was one of my proudest moments and when Bob handed the trophy over to me he asked me to say a few words.  All I could think of was to say something to my mom in the back of the room, "See mom, all those speeding tickets DID pay off after all."   After Bob gave me the trophy we were walking away together and he said to me, "You must have done this before, raced, huh.  Because your time was something like I would have done?"  "No, I never did it before", I told him.   He handed me his business card and said if I was ever in California to come see him because he believed I would have a future in racing.

I may have had the natural talent to race, but I can think of better ways I'd like to die than in a race car crash.  Kudos to the guys and girls who love to do it!  I hope they can pull this thing together along the Lakeshore.  West Michigan could really use something to bring more people and even more tourists to our area.


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