The members of the Westboro Baptist Church protest against pretty much everything, including gay funerals, the funerals of soldiers, and even Comic Con (dressing up and having fun must have been one of those sins we missed). Their reasons for doing it never make sense, so in their world, it's logical to protest a Taylor Swift concert, too.

Why? Because she's the Whore of Babylon incarnate, of course. Derp.

In a press release on its offensively titled website -- find it yourself, we're not helping -- the group announced its plans to picket "The Whorish Face of Doomed America: Taylor Swift" on August 3 in Kansas City, Mo. Which happens to be in close proximity to its Kansas headquarters (and the Equality House hilariously across the street from it).

"[Taylor] works her 'girl next door' country-singer shtick, while hopping from one young man to the next and strutting across the world stage like a proud whore," the release writes. "WBC will kindly warn Taylor and her generation that they have a duty to obey God – no matter what. If you care for her (or your) soul, you’ll come with!"

"This girl is a whore," Ben Phelps, leader of Westboro Baptist, told Radar Online. "She’s coming into our backyard. We're gonna go preach to her."

Phelps expects a whopping 15 people to join in, but claims it's not about the number of crazies willing to attend, but the crazy message they're sending to all the Swifties who will most likely mock (or throw eggs at) them.

"We really are not concerned with people’s support. We’re concerned about putting the standard of God out there. Especially when you have a person like this who is inexplicably loved and revered," Phelps ranted. "She’s a whore! I mean, come on."

That'll certainly be news to Harry Styles.