This is the closest many of us will ever get to seeing animals in a somewhat natural habitat.  At least they are protected and won't be hunted down like so many animals in the wild. Rhino's in South Africa were the animals most recently in the news.

So if you want to see animals that are protected, loved, and nurtured we have two zoos in our area that are now officially open.  The John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids and the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek.

The Binder Park Zoo has an event called Corks for Conservation.  It's an annual wine tasting event that is scheduled for Saturday, June 2.  Registration is already open for those looking for a discount.  Register early!

The John Ball Zoo will be hosting a calender of events including the Rendevoo XXIII VIP Pre-Party.

Spend a day at one of our beautiful zoos....


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