122 Michigan schools have been awarded the MI HEARTSafe School designation which recognizes schools that are prepared to respond to cardiac emergencies.

West Michigan schools recognized include schools in Belmont, Cedar Springs, Coopersville, Fennville, Grand Rapids, Rockford, Wyoming, and more.

“Sudden cardiac death claims the lives of more than 300 Michigan children and young adults between the ages of one and 39 years of age each year,” said Dr. Eden Wells, chief medical executive of MDHHS. “Implementation of CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED) within 3-5 minutes is crucial for increasing the chance of survival. Cardiac arrest is often unexpected and frightening, and I’m pleased to see so many of our schools taking preventative measures to address this health issue.”

Between 1999 and 2009 in Michigan, there were 3,134 people between 1 and 39 years of age who died of sudden cardiac death. Of those, 246 were between 5 and 19 years of age.

“MDE is proud to support MI HEARTSafe schools,” said State Superintendent Mike Flanagan. “Ensuring schools are prepared for sudden cardiac emergencies through planning, training, and AEDs is an important part of having safer learning environments for students, staff, and the community.”

Public Act 12 of 2014 requires all schools (grades kindergarten to 12) to have a cardiac emergency response plan in place. This designation recognizes 122 schools that have taken steps above and beyond to prepare to respond in the event of a cardiac emergency, and is awarded for a period of three years.

The MI HEARTSafe Schools designation is in its second year. Last year, 40 schools received the designation in Michigan.

“The Michigan High School Athletic Association is proud to partner with the state of Michigan to promote the MI HEARTSafe Schools program,” said Jack Roberts, director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association. “It’s important we all do our part to help schools prepare for unexpected emergencies to keep children in our communities safe.”

In order for a school to receive a MI HEARTSafe designation, it must:

  • Perform at least one cardiac emergency response drill per year.
  • Have a written medical emergency response plan and team.
  • Have current CPR/AED certification of at least 10 percent of staff.
  • Have accessible, properly maintained and inspected AEDs with signs identifying their location.
  • Ensure pre-participation sports screening of all student athletes using the current physical and history form endorsed by the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

The Michigan Genetics Resource Center lists schools currently recognized with the MI HEARTSafe School designation:

Adrian HS (2014-2017)
McKinley Education Center (2014-2017)

Bangor Middle School/HS (2014-2017)
Career Academy (2014-2017)
South Walnut Elementary (2014-2017)
Wood School (2014-2017)
Van Buren ISD Behavioral Education Center (2013-2016)

Belmont Elementary (2014-2017)

Bloomingdale Elementary (2014-2017)
Bloomingdale Middle/HS (2014-2017)

Atherton Junior High/HS (2014-2017)
Dillon Elementary (2014-2017)

Cass City
Cass City Elementary (2013-2016)
Cass City Jr./Sr. High School (2013-2016)

Lewis Cass ISD Brookside Learning Center (2014-2017)

Cedar Springs
Beach Elementary (2014-2017)
Cedar Springs High School (2013-2016)
Cedar Springs Middle School (2014-2017)
Cedar Trails Elementary (2014-2017)
Cedar View Elementary (2014-2017)
New Beginnings HS (2014-2017)
Red Hawk Elementary (2014-2017)

St. Mary School (2014-2017)

Clinton Township
Lutz School (2013-2016)

Waldron Learning Center (2013-2016)

Coopersville HS (2014-2017)

Covert Public Schools (2014-2017)

Central Elementary (2014-2017)
Davison Alternative Education (2014-2017)
Davison HS (2014-2017)
Davison Middle School (2014-2017)
Gates Elementary (2014-2017)
Hahn Intermediate (2014-2017)
Hill Elementary (2014-2017)
Siple Elementary (2014-2017)
Thompson Elementary (2014-2017)

Davis Elementary School (2014-2017)
Decatur Middle/HS (2014-2017)

LCISD North Pointe Center (2014-2017)
Union High School (2013-2016)

North Dickinson County School (2014-2017)

Fennville Elementary (2013-2016)
Fennville Middle School (2013-2016)
Fennville High School (2013-2016)

Atlantis Alternative HS (2014-2017)
Carman-Ainsworth HS (2014-2017)
Carman-Ainsworth Middle School (2014-2017)
Carman Park Baker Career Academy (2014-2017)
Dye Elementary (2014-2017)
Randels Elementary (2014-2017)
Rankin Elementary (2014-2017)
The Learning Community-Early Childhood Center (2014-2017)

Central Elementary School (2014-2017)
Early Childhood Center (2014-2017)
Elms Elementary School (2014-2017)
Flushing HS (2014-2017)
Flushing Middle School (2014-2017)
Marion D. Crouse Instructional Center (2014-2017)
Seymour Elementary School (2014-2017)
Springview Elementary School (2014-2017)

Gobles Elementary School (2014-2017)
Gobles Middle/HS (2014-2017)

Grand Rapids
Innovation Central High School (2013-2016)
Kent Career Technical Center (2013-2016)
Kent Transition Center (2013-2016)
Kent Vocational Options (2013-2016)
Union HS (2014-2017)

Hartford HS (2014-2017)
Hartford Middle School (2014-2017)
Red Arrow Elementary (2014-2017)
Woodside Elementary (2014-2017)

Napoleon Ackerson Lake HS (2014-2017)
Northwest Education Center (2013-2016)
Northwest Elementary (2013-2016)
Northwest High School (2013-2016)
Northwest Operations Building (2013-2016)
Parnall Elementary (2013-2016)
R.W. Kidder Middle School (2013-2016)

Delta Center Elementary (2014-2017)

Lawrence High/Middle School (2014-2017)
Lawrence Elementary School (2014-2017)
Van Buren Conference Center (2014-2017)
Van Buren ISD - Bert Goens Learning Center (2013-2016)
Van Buren Technology Center (2013-2016)

Accelerated Academic Center (2014-2017)
Lawton Elementary (2014-2017)
Lawton HS (2014-2017)
Lawton Middle School (2014-2017)

Argentine Elementary/Early Childhood Center (2013-2016)
Central Elementary School (2013-2016)
Hyatt Elementary (2013-2016)
Linden Elementary (2013-2016)
Linden Middle School (2013-2016)
Linden High School (2013-2016)

Mattawan Early Elementary (2014-2017)
Mattawan HS (2014-2017)
Mattawan Later Elementary (2014-2017)
Mattawan Middle School (2014-2017)

Erza Eby Elementary (2014-2017)
Napoleon HS (2014-2017)
Napoleon Middle School (2014-2017)

Paw Paw
Cedar Street Community and Family Center (2014-2017)
Paw Paw Early Elementary (2014-2017)
Paw Paw HS (2014-2017)
Paw Paw Later Elementary (2014-2017)
Paw Paw Middle School (2014-2017)
VBISD Community-Based Transition Center (2013-2016)

Plainwell HS (2014-2017)

Pullman Elementary (2014-2017)

Richmond HS (2014-2017)

Cannonsburg Elementary (2014-2017)
Crestwood Elementary (2014-2017)
East Rockford Middle School (2014-2017)
Lakes Elementary (2014-2017)
Meadow Ridge Elementary (2014-2017)
North Rockford Middle School (2014-2017)
Parkside Elementary (2014-2017)
River Valley Academy (2014-2017)
Rockford HS (2014-2017)
Rockford HS Freshman Center (2014-2017)
Roguewood Elementary and Rockford Spanish Immersion (2014-2017)
Valley View Elementary (2014-2017)

Rudyard Elementary School (2013-2016)
Rudyard High/Middle School (2013-2016)

White Pine Middle School (2013-2016)

Harvest Elementary (2014-2017)
Heritage Elementary (2014-2017)
Liberty School (2014-2017)
Pleasant Ridge Elementary (2014-2017)
Saline HS (2014-2017)
Saline Middle School (2014-2017)
Woodland Meadows Elementary (2014-2017)

Sault Ste. Marie
Lincoln Elementary (2013-2016)
Malcolm High School (2013-2016)
Sault Area Middle School (2013-2016)
Sault Area High School and Career Center (2013-2016)
Soo Township Elementary (2013-2016)
Washington Elementary (2013-2016)

Early Elementary (2014-2017)
Elementary School (2014-2017)
Schoolcraft HS (2014-2017)
Schoolcarft Middle School (2014-2017)

South Haven
Baseline Middle School (2014-2017)
LC Mohr HS (2014-2017)
Lincoln Elementary (2014-2017)
Maple Grove Elementary (2014-2017)
North Shore Elementary (2014-2017)

St. Johns
Eureka Elementary (2014-2017)
Gateway North Elementary (2014-2017)
Riley Elementary (2014-2017)
St. Johns HS (2014-2017)
St. Johns Middle School (2014-2017)

Bedford HS (2014-2017)
Bedford Junior HS (2014-2017)
Jackman Road Elementary (2014-2017)

Traverse City
Traverse City Central High School (2013-2016)

Burr Elementary (2014-2017)

Rockwell Middle School (2014-2017)

West Bloomfield
Jean and Samuel Frankel Jewish Academy (2013-2016)

East Lee Campus (2014-2017)
Godfrey Elementary (2014-2017)
The Early Childhood Center (2014-2017)

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