West Michigan is full of great charities and there are many reasons to give to them.

Today, West Michigan residents are taking advantage of one of those reasons...the last day to get a tax break for 2012.

Last day donations are always popular, but with final details of next year's tax code still unknown, 2012 is seeing a larger than normal push.




Tom Rosenbach is Managing Partner for Beene Garter. He says after the first of the year, the tax law will change. The new guidelines aren’t available yet, leaving people wondering what’s going to happen.

Rosenbach goes on to says they won’t typical adjust the tax rate, but limit the amount you can deduct.

“So it’s kind of a clever way to say, we didn’t raise your tax rate, but we cut your deductions so we didn’t increase your tax bill,” Rosenbach said.

Whether you are looking for a tax break, want to clear some space in the house, or whatever the reason...West Michigan charities are staffed and ready to accept your donations today!