West Catholic High Schools students will have an option to take college-level courses through Aquinas College beginning in the 2014-15 school year.

Eligible juniors and seniors will be able to take Principles of Accounting in the fall and Principles of Management in the spring.

The courses will have the same rigor and expectations as those taught on the Aquinas campus.

“We worked closely with West Catholic High School to create a dual enrollment agreement that will enable students to earn full college credit for courses taken in their high school building.” said Dr. Gilda Gely, Provost at Aquinas College.

Classes for West Catholic students will take place at the high school, but will be taught by full-time Aquinas faculty and will follow Aquinas’ calendar. West Catholic students will not be charged additional tuition for these classes, but will be required to purchase their own books as is the case in traditional college courses.

“There has been immediate and significant interest in the Aquinas classes and in this high caliber partnership on our campus,” said Cynthia Kneibel, principal, West Catholic High School.

An expansion of the partnership is being planned for the near future.

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