I caught this story on Facebook and it truly is heartwarming. It was posted by Diane Dykstra and West Catholic Sports, and sure shows true, supreme, heart, compassion and sportsmanship.

The picture says a thousand words. Here is what happened. West Catholic Sports wrote about their goal of developing great athletes as well as great leaders. They went on to say how flooded they were with messages sharing a story of Maggie Duba, a West Catholic girls cross country runner competing in the State finals.

During the last stretch of the girls cross country state finals, Maggie noticed a fallen runner struggling to finish the race. Maggie could have run right by her to finish the race and a good place in the final standings. But, not Maggie. She helped the fallen runner  up, offering support and encouragement as she supported the fallen athlete on the way to the finish line. They finished together, as Maggie sacrificed her place in the final standings to make sure this athlete, who worked so hard to make it to the state meet, had a chance to finish as well.

That simple act of compassion and sportsmanship showed what love and heart can do for the human spirit. In these days of fighting through all of the hate, division, and disease of COVID-19, it is so heartwarming to see what we really are made of become a shining light.

Congratulations Maggie!


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