Apps for your phone, apps for you iPad/tablet, they're everywhere.  Games, maps, gps, dating, music, anything you can think of probably has an app for it.

Valentine's Day is certainly no exception.  You can always find the typical ones, but I wanted to find the unusual app, something a little "left-of-center."

Here are three that I thought fit the bill.

Play Cupid This allows you to choose from a series of virtual photo frames with phrases like "Caution! Hot Couple!" and "Why Aren't You Dating yet?" and plug in pictures of friends.  Then, of course, you post those photos to Facebook.

Wot Went Wrong A brand-new service that allows you to send a virtual comment card to your ex asking, 'Wot" went wrong?  Both parties can offer each other constructive feedback on their positive and negative traits.

Crowded Room This app allows you to meet up with like-minded people as you go about your business each day.  You tell the app where you're going to be and it suggests people to meet at these places, based on their interests.

Good luck, and, happy App hunting.