The Grand Rapids Public Museum is  introducing an entirely new way for parents and kids to enhance their experience at the Museum, using state-of-the-art mobile technology.

It's a digital, app-based scavenger hunt replacing the traditional paper style hunt through the Museum’s “Collecting A to Z” exhibit. The idea was developed through a partnership with GeLo, a West Michigan based technology startup.

The relationship between the GRPM and GeLo began during ArtPrize in September 2013 when GeLo was utilized, allowing visitors to gain instant information about pieces of art and the artists. The idea evolved into the scavenger hunt intended to enhance the visitors experience while at the Museum.

Since most visitors have a smart phone with them when visiting the museum, it will be a cutting-edge and exciting experience.

The technology developed by GeLo utilizes proprietary Bluetooth Smart Beacons combined with GeLo’s content management system and mobile device App. The GeLo system creates a signal zone around particular exhibits by strategically placing beacons throughout the exhibit. When a “scavenger hunter” enters the signal zone, the Bluetooth signal triggers the GeLo app on their mobile device alerting them that they have found their item. The scavenger hunt experience is also enriched by adding audio, video, and photos along with clues steering them towards the next item on the hunt. Currently, the application is available for download through the App Store for the iPhone and iPad only.

Have fun kids!