By now you should be aware that you are required to wear a mask in any public place in Michigan. It's the law! Silly or crazy you think? I think NOT! It's an effort to stem the tide of COVID-19 transmission and as frustrating as it may seem, the law is trying to save lives. However, some laws in Michigan actually are a bit crazy and silly, and for the life of me I can't figure out how they got on the books.

Did you know:

  • It's illegal to drop you phone in Michigan!
  • Under state law, Dentists are classified as Mechanics!
  • It's illegal for a woman to cut her own hair without her husbands permission.
  • Adultery is illegal, but can only be punished upon a complaint by the affected husband or wife
  • A Robber cannot file a law suit against you if he or she is hurt in your house
  • No man may seduce and corrupt an unmarried girl, or risk five years in prison
  • You cannot be drunk on a train
  • and, last but least, although this law has since been repealed, it was illegal in Michigan to swear in front of woman and children!!
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