ArtPrize and Waterfront Film Festival have both enjoyed tremendous success in West Michigan, gaining international exposure along the way.

This fall, Waterfront Film Festival is set to launch the first ever film competition at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids.

ArtPrize OnScreen: Presented by Waterfront Film Festival will replace this year’s annual summer lakeshore event.

Waterfront Film Festival Co-Founder Hopwood DePree says they are in talks with several West Michigan communities to return a 4-day festival to the lakeshore in June of 2016 or 2017. The 4-day lakeshore festival would be in addition to the new ArtPrize partnership each fall.

The new partnership with ArtPrize will showcase at least 20 films competing for audience awards in three separate categories: Best Feature, Best Documentary, and Best Short Film.

The films will be unveiled later this month and will be eligible for the cash prizes associated with the ArtPrize public vote as well as the juried awards.

“Launching a new event that focuses on the competition is going to offer a unique twist on what Waterfront has done in the past”, said Co-Founder Hopwood DePree. “We are creating a brand new event in the spirit of ArtPrize and people can still expect the same types of great films, guests and opportunities for which Waterfront has become recognized.”

“As Waterfront continues to grow into a year round organization, we are constantly looking for ways to bring film opportunities and education to multiple communities. Our long-term plan includes screenings, workshops and other endeavors throughout West Michigan in the coming years and this is one step in that plan,” DePree said.

ArtPrize Seven will take place in Grand Rapids from September 23 to October 11, 2015.

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