Tom Hanks has been popping up on as many talk shows as he can muster to promote his latest film 'Cloud Atlas,' and he'll do just about anything to grab peoples' attention. Everything, that is, from dropping the F-bomb on 'Good Morning America' to making a random appearance on 'SNL.'

His latest stunt came courtesy of 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' in the form of some 'Full House'-themed slam poetry. Watch his riveting performance after the jump.

"Have Mercy, Jesse Tanner... in this house full of men," rang Tom Hanks as he took the late-night show stage dressed in black and sporting the beginnings of a mustache. Is this some last-minute effort to gather more publicity before 'Cloud Atlas' hits theaters this Friday, or is this his attempt at proving to us that he can handle multiple personas (Tom Hanks, Barber Shop Hanks and Slam Poet Hanks)? Either way, it's pretty awesome to see an Oscar-winning actor act like a nut on public television.

Check out his performance below.