The Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM) announced today that a new virtual reality experience will be opening on Saturday, December 16 featuring Finny, the Museum’s iconic 1905 finback whale skeleton that hangs above the first floor Galleria.

Yes, Finny the Whale will come to life at the Meet Finny kiosk, as visitors will come face to face with Finny in the Finny Virtual Reality experience. An HTC Vive headset and hand controls will be available to put on and spend a few minutes interacting with Finny in a whale’s natural environment.

You'll get to see Finny swimming around as you stand on the ocean floor, and learn about whale anatomy through the layers of its body. As you look through the headset, small targets will be seen on the whale, that allow you to click and learn more about fin whales. Learn about Finny’s blubber layer, internal organs and skeleton!


Meet Finny was created through local partnership with Externa CGI and Freshwater Digital. Finny Virtual Reality is sponsored by Externa CGI.


Meet Finny and Finny VR Experience will be included with general admission to the Museum. For more information, visit

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