Yesterday was the day the people have been waiting for. It was the introduction of a new flavor of Vernors, Black Cherry, and we get to keep it all to ourselves.

Yahoo News was reporting that Vernors Black Cherry will be nearly exclusively on Michigan store shelves. The only other market is the Toledo area. You'll be able to buy it in 12-pack, 2-liter and 20-ounce bottles in regular version only.

It's been more than 50 years since they changed or added a flavor to the more that 150 year old soda! Oops! I shouldn't call it that. Vernors is "pop!"

Actually, if you're a Vernors fan, or even if you are not, really, you should try it, you had better stock up because it will be available for a limited time only and be out of the market by the end of October.

It seem that most Vernors fans are excited and can't wait to try the new flavor of the pop that James Vernor, a young pharmacist working at the Higby & Sterns drugstore, on Woodward in Detroit, created in 1866.

As the story goes, Vernor was experimenting with a ginger-flavored syrup to be used in soft drinks. But he had to leave to fight in the Civil War in 1862. So, when he left, he stored his experiment in an oak cask. Four years later, when he returned from the war, he opened the cask and found that the syrup had mellowed in flavor. And in 1866, the syrup used to create Vernors Ginger Ale was born — making it the oldest continually produced pop in the U.S.

Early Soda Fountain
Three Lions/Getty Images

So now, we get to taste the newest Vernors. Better hurry!

By the way, Vernors is now part of Keurig Dr. Pepper company, and is bottled just down the road in Holland! And, before that, we all knew it as the 7Up bottler, Brook's Bottling!

I'm just full of it!


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