We all need to be aware of what food we're buying for ourselves and our families, especially from the Farmers Market. Saturday, at the Holland Market, you may have bought something not exactly good for you. In fact, it's UNSAFE TO EAT!

Fox 17 reported that Future Days Farm told the Ottawa County Department of Public Health a plant that is unsafe to eat was mixed in with parsley and sold at the Holland Farmers Market.

So, what do you do? DON'T EAT IT! If you bought parsley from Future Days Farm on May 23rd. They said the plant was mixed in with their flat-leaf parsley crop.

The Health Department specifically said that if you bought the product first thing in the morning, (8-9:30 am), please contact the market immediately at info@hollandfarmersmarket.com.

For a locator, Future Days Farms was on the south side of the market, near Maple Avenue and the Civic Center Building.

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