UPDATE: Local news outlet Statesman reports the alleged driver is 21-year-old Rashad Charjuan Owens.

Tragedy has befallen SXSW, the music industry's biggest event, currently taking place in Austin, Texas. A driver plowed into a crowd of people outside the Mohawk venue, where rapper Tyler, The Creator was performing as part of the Vans showcase on late Wednesday night (March 12), killing two and injuring 23 more, sending them to the hospital.

Austin police chief Art Acevedo spoke about the incident at 2:30AM local time, saying a suspected drunk driver behind the wheel of a silver Toyota sedan was attempting to evade the cops, swerving between cars, eventually speeding in the wrong direction down a one-lane street. The vehicle smashed through a barricade and mowed into a crowd of people waiting outside.

Yikes! That's terrifying.

The chief said, "We had a large crowd. I just thank God that a lot of the folks had already been pushed on the sidewalk or this could have been a lot worse."

The driver kept going, hitting and killing a couple that was operating a moped. They were not yet named, due to the need to notify their relatives first.

The car eventually hit a taxi cab and the driver attempted to flee but was stopped by a cop, who immobilized the individual with a stun gun.

Five of the injured people were in critical condition this morning (March 13).

The driver is in a world of trouble, understandably so, facing two charges of capital murder and 23 charges of aggravated assault with a vehicle.

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