Michigan has over 11,000 inland lakes and the largest inland lake is Houghton Lake in Roscommon county.

I've been to many inland lakes throughout Michigan and have thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, the beaches, watching people ski, playing frisbee in the water and so much more.

Going to the lake is so much fun, especially to an inland lake that you've never been to before.

We all know about the Great Lakes, but how about Michigan's Top 5 inland lakes?

Here are the Top 5:

5. Mullett Lake. "This lake is not only one of the largest inland lakes in Michigan, it's also the site where the state record largest sturgeon was caught. Mullett Lake is located near the northern tip of the lower peninsula." (aroundmichigan.com)

4. Burt Lake. This beautiful lake is just west of Mullett Lake which I think is pretty cool. You could take your family to Mullet Lake for a few hours and then travel west to Burt Lake. Yes, two lakes in one day. Both of these lakes are a part of the inland Waterway.

3. Lake Charlevoix. The south shore of this lake is home to Young State Park, which is a 560 acre park with one of Michigan's most popular beaches. I really like the idea of spending a week or two at the state park and swimming in the lake.

2. Torch Lake. This is one of the most beautiful inland lakes in the entire state of Michigan. This lake is 19 miles long and has some of the clearest water you will ever see. Two summers ago, my family and I rented a boat and stayed out on Torch Lake for hours. We had a blast.

1. Houghton Lake. "Houghton Lake covers the most surface area and as such is considered Michigan's largest inland lake. Referred to by some as Tip Up Town. Houghton Lake is a major tourist destination during the summer and winter months." (aroundmichigan.com)

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