Of all the people in attendance at tonight's cocktail party at the GRAM, in honor of Charles Spencer, only four of us had the opportunity to spend a couple minutes with him.  My winner and I, and one of our sister station's Dj and winner.

What I'd like to share with you about tonight is what a charismatic person Charles Spencer is.  When I shook his hand and looked into those blue eyes it was like looking into Diana's eyes.  Why wouldn't it be, I thought.  They share the same DNA.

He also shared something with the group of people in attendance tonight, something I did not know.  He said his relatives started out right here in the states.  He has family from Chillicothe, Ohio who later moved to New York.

I was so happy I could express, a little teary eyed though, how much I loved his sister and what she stood for.  I also thanked him for sharing her memory and her life with all of us.  He then shook hands with Ginger, my winner, and inquired how she won the tickets.  Was it a game?  Was it a contest?  I explained how Ginger ended up standing before him.  I knew that tonight was going to be special but I truly do not have the words to share with you just how special tonight really was.

My highlight of the evening was giving him two poems that I had written in honor of his sister back on August 31, 1997, the day she died.  One entitled, The People's Princess and the other simply, The Princess. I sent out at least 1,000 copies after I read the poems on my Quiet Storm Show in Toledo Ohio.  As I was leaving our meet and greet with Charles, 9th Earl Spencer, I noticed he had opened my poems and had them sitting with his belongings.  That was my highlight.

My second highlight of the evening was meeting Pamela DeVos and having the opportunity to thank her personally for bringing this exhibit to Grand Rapids.  Without her, this never would have happened.

The exhibit, "Diana, A Celebration" celebrates Lady Di's life and is only in Grand Rapids until February 16th.  This is a must see and tonight I learned that Grand Rapids is the only American city this exhibit will be visiting in 2011.  Do yourself a favor.  You will LOVE it!