With the CDC lifting mask mandates for the fully vaccinated, we followed suit here in Michigan. It's been good, it's been confusing, and is a bit difficult to sort out.

As we know, people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to wear one, and those not vaccinated must only do so indoors.

Yes, this is a moving target and the rules are rapidly changing. So, where does that leave local businesses? Kind of in a quandry.

Fox 17 reported that places like the YMCA of greater Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan Credit Union Ballpark are lifting the use of masks in most instances. But, despite these places lifting their mask mandates, some local business owners are staying cautious.

Local businesses do have the option of "to wear or not to wear, that is the question."

So far, there isn't any Vaccination Passport of sorts. You can carry your vaccination card with you, I do, and possible a business will ask for it to prove your are vaccinated.
Dawn Levin, the owner of Break Room Therapy in Byron Center, whose customers are required to wear a mask unless they show a vaccination card, said, “I feel like when people come here, they are coming to a safe space that they can decompress from their stress and if I say I’m going to protect you, then I need to stand behind what I’m saying.” Reasonable!

But restaurants, and movie theaters like Celebration, are still erring on the side of caution, and having their staff/employees, wear masks. But, what about the customer?

In Michigan, there is no law prohibiting businesses from requesting to see a card. The new order says only a "good faith effort", like posting signs, must be made to ensure those aren't vaccinated mask up.

My friend, Emily Loeks from Celebration said that MIOSHA policy still requires employees to wear them. The movie theater chain hopes additional guidance helps businesses during this time. But, asking for a vaccination card from a customer is a tough one. She said, “We’re going to make the best decisions that we can for shared and collective experiences and you know, we’re kind of wading through a murky end of pandemic phase and so we just ask our community to be gracious to each other."

We're on the road to recovery, folks. Be gracious, understanding and patient. Life as we know it is still confusing, but getting better. It will take just a bit more time.


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