">Walking the course?

When you play golf, how often do you leave the power cart at the clubhouse and walk the course.  Sure, some courses are more walkable than others, but there is something to be said for pushing a cart   Andy and I are lucky enough to be golf members at The Highlands Golf Club on Leonard.  More often that not, I’ll walk the course and pull a cart.  ( to be honest, I’d like to have one of those battery-powered carts, but I’m too cheap. )

By the way, according to my friend and mentor, Jeff O’Malley at Pilgrim’s Run, we are talking about golf carts vs. golf cars.  A cart has two wheels, a car has four.  Small thing, but we should use proper terms here.

Swedish researchers concluded that walking a full round of golf was equal to 40-70% of the intensity of a full, high-impact aerobic workout. Another study, led by American cardiologist Dr. Edward Palank, proved that walking golfers were able to lower their levels of bad cholesterol. Basically, four hours of walking a good golf game is equal to about one 45-minute aerobics class.

Give it a try….18 holes – walking.  Good for your health, and maybe good for your game since you have more time to think about what you are doing in between shots.