Baseball's all star game is tonite. Five Detroit Tigers have been named to the team. Are you going to watch? I'll see a little here and there. The only all star game that means anything to me is the one played at Tiger Stadium way back when... I remember sprawling on the floor with my friends -- watching what became a real home run derby --watching Reggie hit that monster shot over the right field roof. I knew all the players, their uniform numbers, positions and teammates. Not just the Tigers, but all the teams. Now, I only keep up with the Tigers. Do you have a favorite baseball team?

The New York Yankees are once again leading the way among America's favorite baseball teams. A new Harris Poll shows The Bronx Bombers are topping the list for a ninth straight year. The Red Sox and the Braves are also holding strong, as Boston takes second place for a third straight year, and Atlanta has the number three spot for a third year in a row. The Cubs, who consistently make the top ten, are moving up a bit. Chicago's National League team is landing in fourth place this year, up from fifth place in 2010. The Los Angeles Dodgers are also gaining in popularity, and are tied for fifth place with the New York Mets. The Philadelphia Phillies, who ranked fourth last year, drop to seventh place this year. The Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, and Detroit Tigers round out the 2011 top ten.


The Toronto Blue Jays are once again at the bottom of the list, this year tied with the San Diego Padres in 29th place. But Harris notes the survey took place in America, so Canadian fans weren't equally represented in the poll.

The Harris Poll's 2011 Rankings Of America's Favorite Baseball Teams - 2010 ranking follows in ()

1. New York Yankees - (1st)
2. Boston Red Sox - (2nd)
3. Atlanta Braves - (3rd)
4. Chicago Cubs - (5th)
5. TIE - Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets - (Dodgers 8th); (Mets 6th)
7. Philadelphia Phillies - (4th)
8. Texas Rangers - (12th, tied with the Detroit Tigers and the Seattle Mariners)
9. St. Louis Cardinals - (10th)
10. Detroit Tigers - (12th, tied with the Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners)
11. Seattle Mariners - (12th, tied with the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers)
12. Minnesota Twins - (9th)
13. Baltimore Orioles - (20th, tied with the Colorado Rockies)
14. San Francisco Giants - (7th)
15. Cincinnati Reds - (16th)
16. Chicago White Sox - (15th)
17. TIE - Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals - (Indians 17th); (Royals 19th)
19. Milwaukee Brewers - (11th)
20. TIE - Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - (Rockies 20th, tied with the Baltimore Orioles); (Angels 25th, tied with the Pittsburgh Pirates)
22. Houston Astros - (28th)
23. TIE - Arizona Diamondbacks, Oakland Athletics, Pittsburgh Pirates - (Diamondbacks 18th); (Athletics 23rd, tied with the San Diego Padres); (Pirates 25th, tied with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)
26. Tampa Bay Rays - (22nd)
27. TIE - Washington Nationals, Florida Marlins - (Nationals 27th); (Marlins 29th)
29. TIE - San Diego Padres, Toronto Blue Jays - (Padres 23rd, tied with the Oakland Athletics); (Blue Jays 30th)