Thursday Night Football has been the butt of jokes in the football world for some lackluster matchups. The Thursday Nighter on December 14 saw an overly lopsided affair with the Las Vegas Raiders leading the LA Chargers 42-0 at halftime (the second largest halftime lead in the history of the league according to Al Michaels - and whomever whispered the stat into his earpiece).

The first half of the game saw Amazon run a quick package on an injury suffered by Raiders defensive star Maxx Crosby. There was a somewhat unnecessarily - no warning ahead of time - zoom in on Crosby's bloody kneecap.

Crosby is a Michigan native who was born in Lapeer. Though he graduated high school in Texas he came back to the Mitten to play college ball. He was a star at Eastern Michigan where he earned All-MAC honors and is an inductee in the Ring of Honor in Ypsi.

David Chao, a physician who shares football injury insights on social media caught the Amazon feature on Crosby's recent injury and the bloody mess his knee was during the game.

Amazon didn't give you a warning, but we will. There will be blood ahead.

Everyone Had the Same Reaction to Maxx Crosby's Knee Injury

With the game more than in-hand at half-time every armchair coach on social media was saying the say thing: Crosby can and should be done for the night. The man is a gamer, no doubt about it. But with the game so overwhelmingly in favor of his team, Crosby has nothing to prove being on the field for the second half.

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