With Big Ten football on hiatus, I have to pull clips form the past to get my fix. Here's a classic moment that defined Desmond Howard's Heisman Trophy winning season.

September 14, 1991 is a date Michigan football fans will remember well.

Facing a 4th down deep in Notre Dame territory, and trailing 17-14, UM Coach Gary Moeller rolled the dice and went for it, rather than kick the game tying field goal.

Here is the play, heard through Moeller's head phones as he calls the play and watches as Howard pulls out a miracle, leading to the historic win over the Irish.

Moeller laments to his assistant coach, "Jerry, should I be kicking a field goal?" as the play clock winds down, and then adds, "if he he drops this ball..." as the play starts.

Spoiler alert: He didn't.

And here's the catch with the original ABC play-by-play.


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