Traditionally a man cave has been a guy's place to get away and unwind.  A place to get in touch with his manliness, his inner cave man.  For some guys a man cave may be his garage where he can work on cars and be alone with his own thoughts.  A place to listen to his favorite music on the radio...real LOUD.  For other guys, like  my dad, it may be a basement.  It's a place where he can go with a work bench, bright lighting and lots of little projects that need to be completed.  For other guys a man cave may just be his own room with electronic equipment, video games, a stereo and maybe a big screen if he's lucky and he can invite all the guys over for pizza and football.

But this man cave could also be a woman cave because it is a real life cave!  In looking through all the photos I thought to myself, I want to live here!  It's 2,890-square feet of living space with a guest house and a price tag of 1.5 Million Dollars.  But really, you have to see it to believe it!  If you haven't had your fill of man caves here are even more REAL man caves.