The fans have spoken and they want to see (and eat) the Rocky Balburrito this baseball season.

Last month, the Whitecaps had people vote on the Fan Food Contest which usually consists of strange food combinations, however the 2019 winner isn't that weird. The Rocky Balburrito is basically a Philly cheesesteak wrapped as a burrito. The Whitecaps describe it as

...liberal doses of cheese, onions and green peppers and then deep fried.

Not sure the people of Philadelphia would be pleased to know that their iconic food item was transformed but the people of West Michigan obviously think otherwise. The Balburrito just beat out the Oinkuritto (wrapped pork & bacon with Mac-and-cheese) and the Marge's Donut Sundae.

The Rocky Balburrito isn't the only new food item you can find on the menu this season. The Whitecaps have added a variety of food to please anyone's craving such as Pork Skin Nachos, Street Corn Nuggets and even Wine Slushies! Check out the rest of the menu here.

And be sure to save the date for Sunday, April 6th for the Whitecaps season opener.

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