Snipe season runs July 12 through July 31, so get your fabric bags ready.

The DNR Rules Have Been Posted

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources posted the rules to follow earlier this week. Prior to moving here, I had no idea how popular the snipe hunt was here in Michigan, and in particular, near Northern Michigan University.

Allen Park Police via Facebook
Allen Park Police via Facebook

If you're still not sure what the rules are, the Allen Park Police Department near Detroit has a carefully worded list of things to know.

Julien via Unsplash
Julien via Unsplash

Just to review their rules, it's important to note the following:

A snipe hunt is a type of practical joke or fool's errand, in existence in North America as early as the 1840s, in which an unsuspecting newcomer is duped into trying to catch a nonexistent animal called a snipe. Although snipe are an actual family of birds, a snipe hunt is a quest for an imaginary creature whose description varies.
The target of the prank is led to an outdoor spot and given instructions for catching the snipe; these often include waiting in the dark and holding an empty bag or making noises to attract the creature. The others involved in the prank then leave the newcomer alone in the woods to discover the joke. As an American rite of passage, snipe hunting is often associated with summer camps and groups such as the Boy Scouts. In France, a similar joke is called "hunting the dahut"

The Comments Reveal That Snipe Hunting Is A Common Prank At NMU

Apparently, the incoming band members for the Wildcats are routinely sent out on a snipe hunt.

As a freshman at Northern Michigan University, I fell for the Ole Snipe hunting thing... Ugh.


lol lol lol did some snipe hunting in the fall of 72 at NMU!!! Was in the marching band.


yes the elusive Marquette Snipe. Heard about them while I was at NMU as well. Was almost fooled too.

The "Snipe Hunt" ruse was also a fairly old school "Dad Joke"

Yes, my dad took us snipe hunting at our house up north when we were kids. My brother and I were so mad (aka embarrassed) that we fell for it that it was our mission to take every cousin and friend who came up north to visit us go snipe hunting. Now, we both have kids and the tradition continues.

And Church Camps:

My sons went to Camp Wakanda owned by Allen Park Presbyterian Church on summer. The councilors sent the kids out on a snipe hunt. To their surprise the boys caught one. It was a chipmunk that then got loose in the lodge.
Snipe hunting was also on the Micky Mouse club with Spin and Marty
One woman shared a way to make it all seem real:
The trick is to shine a flashlight through the back of an open brown paper grocery bag. It has to be dark so they can’t see the bag and you have to stay very still. They will follow the light into the bag and BAM you got one! Unless your friend around the corner makes a whole lot of paper bag crunching noises trying to wrestle with theirs. Great snipe hunting memories!!

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