If you're a Detroit Lions fan, you're used to the jokes. Yeah, yeah, we're aware we've never played in a Super Bowl.

Somehow though, we keep the faith. It's just what Lions' fans do... even when TV shows like 'The Simpsons' take a shot at our Detroit Lions.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Sunday night's episode was a parody of ESPN's "30 for 30"  in which Bart becomes a basketball star who ends up involved with the mafia and point shaving.

At one point, the narrator says,

"All sports stories have an upside ... unless you're a Detroit Lions fan."

Well, like I said, we're used to it.

It's not the first time the show has poked fun at the Lions. According to the Detroit Free Press, 'The Simpsons' also made a joke at the Lions' expense on a 2010 episode in which Moe was trying to get Homer to race a pigeon, saying "If it moves, you can bet it."

"What about the Detroit Lions?" Bart asks. Moe replies, "Eh, now, now, lay off Detroit. Them people is living in 'Mad Max' times."

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