At 6, all I wanted for Christmas was a "Baby Wanna Walk". I dreamed about her little pink overalls, that curly blonde hair, and of course, her amazing ability to walk! I mean, wow, right? Well, what if your little one, or grand little one, requested this doll for Christmas? Right up there in controversy with the doll that actually relieves itself, it's the doll that gives birth (and yes, the old fashioned way).

We talked about a controversial breastfeeding doll a while back, and now a new doll that gives birth--yes, vaginally--is causing a bit of stir. Does this take "I want to be just like mommy" a little too far?

The New York Times Motherlode blog reported late yesterday on a new doll that's raising some eyebrows. It's called "MamAmor," and the handmade doll ($130) is pregnant and actually can give birth--yup, through an elastic vaginal opening.

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