It's been a cold, rainy and sadly, snowy, spring so far in 2022, and one enterprising photographer took the shot that proves it.

Cold, Snowy Springs Aren't Rare In West Michigan

We all recognize that cold, rainy, snowy springs are par for the course in Michigan, and to be truthful, most of the spring snow has fallen far north and east of here. But last spring was a warm, sunny experience, and contrasted with the sluggish spring 2022 has given us, it's only fair to remember what could have been.

A Battle Creek resident happened to be out at the same park in that city a year ago, and documented the difference between Spring 2021 and Spring 2022 with a simple shot. Simon Thalmann posted the pic to the Michigan subreddit page earlier on Tuesday.

The colorful tulips enjoying the sunshine of a beautiful April morning in 2021 contrast sharply to the yet to bloom leaves covered in snow against a raw, windy sky that 2022 brought the same exact location. It almost says to us, 'Don't put those boots away just yet.'

Because it can get, and has gotten worse. Can you picture a foot of snow in mid-May?

The Worst Spring May Have Been In 1923

A slow spring happened in 1923 as well, and just after the weather finally broke, a bad thing happened. The worst ever May snowstorm in state history.

Granpa Shorters website tells the sad story of the worst spring snow storm ever:

Can it really snow in Michigan in May? Yes it can! An awful lot in fact. While this storm caused little damage and only dropped about a foot of snow in some of the hardest hit locations, it was still considered a significant storm because it caught everyone off guard.

Imagine, it’s a warm spring day, then suddenly the mercury plunges. That’s exactly what happened on May 8, 1923. Temperatures across Michigan fell from 62 degrees to just 34 between noon and six that evening as a strong cold front approached. An inch of snow fell that night. While that was unusual, Michigan was in for an even more rare occurrence.

The following day, a low-pressure system joined up with the cold front, leaving six to nine inches of snow over most of the area, despite the ground already warming up from spring. Areas near Lansing and Flint were buried in a foot of snow! Temperatures didn’t rise out of the 30s for two days.

Keep in mind that the rough Spring thus far will ultimately lose the battle of time to the eventual summer that is our destiny. 70 degrees temperatures are on the way for Saturday, so hang in there, West Michigan, you can still get your yardwork done before June.

15 Reasons Why Spring Is Genuinely Michigan's Worst Season

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