I was so lucky today on the morning show to be visited by three lovely ladies, the ladies of broadcasting.

WZZM13 has been celebrating their 50th anniversary of broadcasting here in Grand Rapids.   They have brought back many former anchors and reporters to do newscasts, and it's been great fun for viewers.

So this morning, I had a chance to visit with tonight's anchors, Anne Doyle and Ann Alward.  Doyle, sports and news anchor of the 70's and Alward of the 80's, talked about their days in television and what it was like in those days to be the "woman" on a newscast.

Janet Mason, General Manager of WZZM13 accompanied the "Ann's" to the studio.  Janet talked about the celebration, and tonight's broadcast at 6 p.m.

It should be tons of fun, tonight, 6 p.m., WZZM TV13, the "Broads in Broadcasting" return to the air.  Don't miss it!