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Funniest News Bloopers Involve Kids [Video]
Here's some Saturday fun for you. Something I could watch all day long. TV News Bloopers!
I was in TV for many years and I certainly have had my share of bloopers, and tons in radio even. But these are the best, because they involve kids!
Woman Confesses to a Murder on TV [VIDEO]
Something truly bizarre occurred during a live news report in Knoxville, Tennessee the other day.
While reporting on a stabbing at a housing complex and with cameras rolling, the suspect suddenly showed up and confessed to stabbing her mother three times. While the reporter called 911, the woman expl…
WZZM Brings Home the Emmy’s
Congratulations to our news partner, WZZM TV13 for winning multiple Emmy Awards over the weekend.
Needless to say, they are very proud, and reported to us that the Michigan chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded ten Emmy Awards to WZZM 13 journalists Saturday night in…
The “Broads in Broadcasting” Return Tonight on WZZM TV13
I was so lucky today on the morning show to be visited by three lovely ladies, the ladies of broadcasting.
WZZM13 has been celebrating their 50th anniversary of broadcasting here in Grand Rapids.   They have brought back many former anchors and reporters to do newscasts, and it's been …
Is Katie Leaving CBS?
Nobody knows if Katie Couric will leave CBS when her contract is up as Evening News Anchor, but there sure is a lot of speculation.