Ahh, the fantastic and brilliant Mediterranean. So beautiful, so peaceful, so inviting. So why don't you come with me in September when I travel to Greece?

September 17 we leave for an 11-day fabulous trip to Greece, and you are invited.

People ask why I chose this trip as our next excursion. There are 3-reasons. First, Athens, and it's endless history around every corner. We'll see the Temple of Zeus, the Olympic Stadium, the legendary Acropolis and the astounding Parthenon.


After 3-day and nights in Athens, we'll travel to the island of Mykonos. That is the second reason. You'll settle into a wonderful island lifestyle for three relaxing nights. Go to the beach, sip coffee or drinks on the waterfront and explore winding streets through whitewashed buildings.


And finally, my third reason is we wrap up our fabulous trip on the island of Santorini, an Eden-like island where blue domed rooftops and gentle ocean waves bring to life the white buildings and gorgeous hillsides.


We fly right from here, Ford Airport, stay in beautiful 4 and 5-star hotels, have breakfast every day and many dinners, tour, relax, have our bags handled for us, and learn from super tour managers. All of this for just $4,999 per person, a $200 savings if you book now.

All of the information and itinerary is HERE! Then call Collette Travel at 1-844-868-2668 and refer to booking # 1010237.

Come join me. I promise you won't be disappointed!