One of the big news stories for Michiganders in 2021 is the 17-year cicadas emerging this spring.  Literally billions of cicadas will emerge from the earth in Michigan after laying dormant for 17 years.

It will be a once in a generation event and it will be loud and possibly quite annoying if you are in their path.  But, some people are getting excited because these cicadas also make a tasty treat.  Wait...  What!?

That's right, some people are ready to cook up this rare and healthy delicacy once the cicadas emerge this spring.  Cicadas are very nutritious, high in proteins and low in fat.  One popular way to eat these little guys is deep fried with some salt and a dipping sauce.  Yum!

And to the credit of people who are planning on munching on some cicadas, they are from the same family as lobsters and crabs.  Cicadas, lobsters, and crabs are all arthropods (which are insects), so if you like lobster, you are already eating bugs.

You can learn more about how to prepare what some are calling "the truffles of the insect world" and how to best harvest them on

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