Tells us your favorite course and why.

During the Andy and Chuck Summer Golf Tour we are often asked about our favorite golf courses. That is a difficult question to answer. I like all of our participating courses. I like the people running them. It might be easier to mention what I like in a course. I tend to like the more secluded golf holes where you are no in eye sight of others. Pilgrims Run, Thousand Oaks and Lynx might come to mind. Grand Haven might be another. Thoroughbred, etc.

Most golf pros I know tell me they like a golf course that plays “right in front of them.” In other words, no doglegs, forced-carries, etc. Brian Oneill at Boyne Highlands tells me he likes to know what he has to do the moment he steps on the tee. I understand that, but I also like the challenge of hitting over water, bending shots left and right – like you often have to do at Garland.

Bottom line, I like any course I’m currently playing – and playing well. Those days when I’m not hitting it, well…it really doesn’t matter does it.