Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Dunkirk’ Wins the Weekend
What did you see this weekend? Was it the dour World War II epic? The raunchy New Orleans sex comedy? Or the movie where Cara Delevingne shoves her head into a telepathic jellyfish’s butt? Truly, with options like this, anyone who complains about the death of cinema has no idea what they’re talking about. Anyways, here’s the box office numbers through Sunday afternoon:
‘Wonder Woman’ Holding in Theaters Better Than Any Superhero Since ‘Spider-Man’
There’s a certain amount of irony to Spider-Man: Homecoming displacing Wonder Woman as the top-grossing superhero movie on the current box-office chart. As it turns out, Wonder Woman’s continuing success in theaters means that it has achieved something that no movie since the original Spider-Man has accomplished: Achieving a total domestic gross that is nearly four times its opening weekend numbers.