Buying a house can be one of the most exciting times in someone's life, whether it's the first home you purchase away from your parents, the first home you buy with your spouse, or that time you go house hunting because you're family is getting bigger.

Buying a new house always makes your inner child explode but your inner adult and pockets weep in pain. Purchasing a new home can be intimidating unless you have a fun realtor to help.

Real estate has become a fast-growing occupation and many are trying their hand at becoming real estate agents. Once you have a knowledge of the housing market, pass your certification test, and perfect your customer service/selling personality you're all set and thrown to the wolves. Marketing yourself and your properties, and then closing deals are the hardest parts of real estate, but this agent made them easy and fun.

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Facebook can be a place of knowledge and enlightenment but mainly a place that we go to update friends and family on life and get entertainment from the masses. Well, I was thoroughly entertained this past week, when I came across a hilarious but clever video. In the Facebook post below, one real estate agent took the marketing game to a new level and should be seeing plenty of new business soon.

As you can see above, Parker Gray, of Parker Gray Real Estate decided to dress up as Spider-man for Halloween and took advantage of the opportunity as well. He decided to film a real estate commercial that is sure to not only get eyes on his business but make the people laugh as well. In a time when the world isn't the brightest and the housing market is ever-so-changing, this was a great way to lighten the mood.

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