The Cotton Bowl's ArtPrize Moment
Remember when Dallas was going to host an expansion of ArtPrize?
The three-year agreement was set to begin in 2016, but ArtPrize Dallas was cancelled because of funding and some who "saw the concept as threatening to the status quo."
It seems Dallas is having second thoughts aft…
How Does Meijer Gardens Clean Their Chihuly Chandelier?
Dale Chihuly is an American glass sculptor whose work is known and has be shown worldwide. Frederik Meijer Gardens is home to Chihuly's "Gilded Champagne Gardens Chandelier" which has over 560 individual pieces of glass.
It takes Meijer Gardens two days to clean the glass …
“Family Saturdays” at the UICA
Let's face it.  An "artist" I'm not.  Draw?  Not a chance.  I have trouble drawing circles, let alone straight lines.  Paint?  A room, maybe, but not on a canvas.  Sculpt?  I did a wood sculpture in middle school once.  It fell…