Kids are Choking on Their Fidget Spinners
It's the hottest toy on the market right now but now parents are stepping forward warning other parents to be careful because it could lead to a choking hazard. WXYZ Detroit reports that a 3-year-old boy from Dearborn was taken to the hospital on Wednesday after he swallowed a piece of the fidget spinner...
Michigan Hospitals Are In Trouble for Making Patients Sick
The federal government is cracking down on hospitals with high rates of patient injuries, and they've now added spreading those crazy antibiotic-resistant germs like MRSA to their calculations. So the government has reduced Medicare payments to 769 hospitals, including 27 hospitals right here in Michigan!
Just Married Couple Visit Sick Grandmother in Hospital [Video]
There was a big wedding planned by Matt and Jamie. The biggest moment of their lives was going to come off without a hitch, or so they thought. The day was wonderful, the ceremony was beautiful, the reception was ready to go, but there actually was one little hitch - Grandma Pat wasn't there.