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Gas Prices To Go Up Today?
The price of gas could jump above $4 a gallon as soon as today.
WZZM-TV reports that fuel analysts at predict the price of regular unleaded could get as high as $4.15 a gallon by the holiday weekend.
The Price Of Gas Not $4+ in Wilmington, California
Who said gas prices are out of control?
Chuck and I talked about this gas station on the show this morning, asking the question "how far would you drive to save money on gas?"
Well, at this price I would drive a bunch of miles.
The Torrance Daily Breeze reports a service station in Wi…
Have you "gassed up" lately?  No, I don't mean, did you eat a Burrito.  You put gas in the car, right?   It hurt, didn't it.  From $3.85 to $3.99 per gallon in West Michigan is a real budget kicker.
Bike Riding Looks Better All The Time
Can't wait to get my mountain bike out of the garage.  While a few hardy souls have hit the trails over the past few weeks, I'm willing to wait until the snow is out of the woods and things dry a little.  Cannonsburg, Lutton, Greenville.....
Gasoline Goes Up Today
Gas is going up today to $3.65. Craig in the office got an alert from Facebook. The last time this happened, I did nothing. This time I hoped in the car, drove two blocks and got me some "cheap gas".

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