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Cat Owners…This Your Life! [Video]
Cat owners will agree, cats are great.  But sometimes they don't leave their humans alone, and that can get very frustrating. Take this guy for instance. All he wants to do it play video games, but his cat has other plans.
Delta Pre-Flight Safety Video is Super Clever
Are you flying anywhere soon? Business, vacation, family, friends?
If you haven't been on a recent flight, I'll try to bring up up-to-speed with the safety talk you get before each flight.  Typically now, it's a video versus a live presentation, depending on the plan.
Hilarious “Songified” Video With Blondie and Joe Biden [Video]
Here is some great Sunday morning fun for you.
The Auto-tuning production team, The Gregory Brothers, have Songified the news again, this time featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Blondie, with Vice President Joe Biden. A word of warning, some of the video is rated PG-13. Those faint-of-heart, look…

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