Are you flying anywhere soon? Business, vacation, family, friends?

If you haven't been on a recent flight, I'll try to bring up up-to-speed with the safety talk you get before each flight.  Typically now, it's a video versus a live presentation, depending on the plan.

Delta Airlines, which has a pretty good video, decided to make one with a collection of as many Internet celebrities it could find for its new pre-flight safety video. What do you think, who do you recognize?



Very clever, Delta. Now, in case you didn't recognize all of them, unless you have no life and are on the internet virtually 24/7 and they are all your friends, here is the list of who they were.  Enjoy!

0:03 Keyboard Cat
0:18 Double Rainbow Guy
0:26 Annoying Orange
0:30 Roomba Cat
0:45 Rahat’s Prank
1:05 Evolution of Dance
1:25 Slow Mo Guy
1:43 Harlem Shake
1:51 Deltalina
1:52 Screaming Goat
2:02 Internet Browser
2:23 Peanut Butter Jelly Time
2:31 Dramatic Chipmunk
2:48 Charlie Bit My Finger
3:23 Clicking Finger
3:51 Overly Attached Girlfriend
4:02 Ice Bucket Challenge
4:09 Dancing Baby (Dancing Baby Animation provided courtesy of Autodesk, Inc. © 1999)
4:15 Hamsters Eating Burritos
4:25 Nyan Cat
4:32 Doge
4:48 Mentos & Coke

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